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Insulation Estimating Software

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Allpro Insulator was developed specifically for insulation contractors. Regardless of whether you use foam, cellulose, or fiberglass insulation, Allpro Insulator will fit your needs perfectly. As long as your primary pricing is based on a square or lineal ft value, Allpro Insulator is your insulation software choice.

Allpro Insulator allows you to use only the features you choose. You can use Allpro Insulator independently to manage your business or you can choose to integrate the software with on-screen blueprint takeoff software, and/or QuickBooks.

This software completely automates the estimating process and takes the guess work out of estimating insulation jobs. Contractors can take electronic measurements using on-screen blueprint takeoff software, and then export those measurements to Allpro Insulator. The measurements can then be used to automatically create an estimate, based on the square footage or lineal feet pulled from the blueprint takeoff. Once you are finished creating the estimate, you have the option to send that estimate directly to QuickBooks or manage your estimates directly with Allpro Insulator. This allows you to create and manage estimates with Allpro Insulator and also benefit from all the accounting features found in QuickBooks.

Over 8 years went into developing this Insulation Contractor Software!
We challenge you to find an easier way to Bid Insulation Jobs!
Your search for Insulation Estimating Software is over!

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Allpro Insulator was designed for all different types of insulation contractors:

Don't settle for a generic "general contractor" program!
Allpro Insulator was developed specifically for Insulation Contractors!

Use Allpro Insulator Independently
OR - Integrate with QuickBooks
OR - Integrate with Blueprint Takeoff Software
Use only the features you choose!

Allpro Insulator offers the best of both worlds. You can use our high performance Windows based software without the requirement of an internet connection. You can then synchronize your data when you get back into the office or anywhere you can access the internet. This allows you to use a fully functional Windows application and still remain completely mobile.

Plus we provide free remote installation so you can focus on your job and we will take care of the rest.

With Allpro Insulator you "Own" your software! You are not required to pay a daily, weekly, or monthly fee. This dramatically cuts down on your overall software investment. (Note: If you opt to utilize our Allpro Cloud Services you will be required to pay a small annual fee.)

Watch our five minute Allpro Insulator video below!
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New Upgrade Available - Allpro Insulator Version 9

New Features

Key Features


Allpro Cloud Services

Allpro Technology is proud to now offer true Data Cloud Storage and Synchronization. We are now offering a new service called Allpro Cloud Services. This optional service allows mobile users to work out in the field without the use of an internet connection. When mobile users return to any location with an internet connection, Allpro Insulator will automatically synchronize their database with their company database on our Microsoft Hosted Cloud Server. Our Cloud Server will then automatically synchronize their data back to the main office. All synchronizing is done in the background, so users will not even be aware that the sync is running. Users can also continue working while the sync is running without creating any sync conflicts.

Allpro Cloud Services also allows companies with multiple locations to maintain a local database at each location while automatically synchronizing the data from each office to a central location. Another benefit to this service is that a copy of your database will be stored on one of Microsoft’s secure and redundant servers. The database will be backed up daily to ensure you don’t experience any data loss. Daily backups will be stored for one year.

NOTE: Allpro Cloud Services requires Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.
Windows XP is not supported.


Time is Money


Key Features


What's New Video

Watch Video Tour

We have developed a fifteen minute video tour of Allpro Insulator. This video/audio tour allows you to see Allpro Insulator in action. We briefly cover the entire process from setting up your item details to printing an estimate. Click here to watch the Video Tour.


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Remote Access Technical Support

We are proud to now offer our Allpro Insulator customers remote access technical support. While Allpro Insulator is now easier than ever to use, we understand that situations may arise where you need additional help. Allpro Insulator comes with a comprehensive 90 page manual and a 1 1/2 hour training video to help you get started. If you are having problems with the software or need additional training after you have referenced the manual and the training video, we do offer limited remote access technical support to help you get moving forward faster.

Remote access support allows us to invite you to an online support session. Once you join the session we will be able to control your computer remotely with our Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse. This will allow us to help you visually, rather than trying to explain steps over the phone or via email. This advanced technology is sure to make even the most difficult issue a breeze.


Insulation Software Menu

The screen shot below shows the main screen that is displayed when you open Allpro Insulator. When you select an icon on the left side of the screen, that particular form is displayed in the main area of the form. This interface makes Allpro Insulator very easy to navigate around. All of your options are displayed right in front of you.

The Home Screen provides you with the proper work flow information as well as quick links to common tasks. This Home Screen makes navigation extremely simple. We have done everything possible to make this insulation contractor software very easy to use. We realize that not everyone has a computer expert in the office. With the help of our 1 1/2 hour training video and our telephone / remote access support, we truly believe anyone can learn this insulation estimating software!

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Two Editions To Choose From

Allpro Insulator is available in two editions.

Both editions include the same basic features and functionality with the following exceptions:


System Requirements

In order to run Allpro Insulator properly, your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements.



Take the Allpro Insulator Tour

We highly encourage you to take the Allpro Insulator Tour. This tour allows you to see Allpro Insulator in action. We briefly cover the entire process from setting up your item details to printing an estimate. Also feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding our insulation software.
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“Allpro Insulator has allowed us to streamline our operations and will help in continuing to support future company growth. We are able to have our entire company using the same software and each task only gets done once now. Estimating, scheduling, payroll, and job costing all are linked now and at any given moment we can access vital information all in one spot. The software is flexible and the technical support is great. The ability to customize Allpro Insulator to work with our business is another key benefit. I would recommend Allpro Insulator for any insulation company, large or small, regardless of what type of insulation they install – Allpro can handle it all.” (Leah of Ontario)

“We had tried several software packages before, spending 4 times as much as Allpro Insulator. We now only use Allpro Insulator, its ease of use has allowed all of our Sales people to enter estimates with no problems. We highly recommend this software. The best we have used for our industry.” (Deena of Virginia)

“Allpro Insulator has been a great addition to our company. The program is easy to use and has made us much more efficient in streamlining everything from estimates for our customers to job sheets for our installers. Considering the reasonable price of this software compared to others, it’s a no-brainer for any insulation company, big or small.” (Dustin of Virginia)



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